China celebrates Mao’s 120th birth anniversary

China is celebrating Mao’s 120th birth anniversary with noodles and fireworks. President Xi Jingping marked the occasion by visiting Mao’s preserved corpse. The founder of the People’s Republic led the country for 27 years until his death in 1976. Although he is revered by many Chinese, his political and economic campaigns have received condemnation by critics. Mao’s failed campaigns led to tens of millions of deaths.

The ruling Communist Party has been trying to balance both praise and acknowledgement of his mistakes. Mao has also emerged as a rallying point for those disappointed with the inequality and widespread corruption in the country. According to media reports,  police have detained pro-Mao activists in various provinces in the country for protesting against the current leadership.

The government had allocated a budget of US$320 million to celebrate Mao’s 120th birth anniversary. Most of the funds were used for firework display which lasted for more than four hours and thousands were served noodles as well.

image source: China Daily

news source: AFP

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